Skin cancer is one of Australias most preventable cancers.There is no such thing as safe sun baking so go fake.Fake tan is a product that has risen since the 1960's and has since taken over the world as a safe and convient alternative the lying in the sun for hours. Most well-known products come in forms of gels, wipes, foams, sprays and mouses. People can invest in a proffessional spray on tan from their local beautican for about $40-$60. Otherwise you can chose to apply at home buying your own bottle at your local chemist or supermarket for about $15-$30 depending on your brand.Personally when buying fake tan my favourite brand is Le Tan


The video above will show you how to prepare, apply and maintain your fake tan.

Below is a link to the le tan website to get all the infomation you want about fake tan, more videos and about sun safety.