EXTREME Ironing!! by Sally Davidson

Normal ironing... pretty boring right!? Well here is a sport that you won't see at the next Olympic Games. Originating in the UK in 1997, EXTREME Ironing is described by its official website as:

"the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity withthe satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt."

Here is a selection of EXTREME locations where people have taken the plunge all in the name of crease-free clothing:  waterskiing.jpg rock_climbing.jpg waterskiing----------------------------------------------------- rock climbing
078.jpg bungee_jumping.jpg on_safari.jpgcliff-hanging --------------------------bungee jumping-------------------------------- on safari

Basic equipment includes an ironing-board, iron (battery powered) and wrinkled clothing as required, however any neccessary safety equipment is recommended such as harnesses, ropes and helmets.

WHY stick to traditional domestic ironing when you can take the risk and venture out into the outdoors. The only limit is your imagination.